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  • Angel

  • Dark Angel

    It taught me to really do my homework before committing to an artist! The tattoo on the right is a cover up of a cover up.

  • Death of Hope

    This is a memorial tattoo for my grandmother. the quote are song lyrics from slipknot snuff

  • stairway to heaven

    My little brother passed away and he was a keen guitar player and one of his favourite pieces was led zeppelin stairway to heaven. So this tattoo is dedicated to him. Love you josh x

  • Shoulder

    It was my first tatto and I wanted something for my grandma who passed away when I was six of breast cancer

  • Wings

    It represents the person I want to be- a good person, a savior, a helping hand.

  • Death

    I’ve lost everyone from my dad to brother to all of my grandparents and so many in between. Even at a young age, death has been a huge constant in my life, and this reminds me of that. Death has… [ read more ]

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