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  • Led Zeppelin Angel

    This is my gardian. It represent freedom. I really love Led Zeppelin ans hardrock.

  • Angels and Demons

    When I was 19 in 1993 I had a minotaur tattoo started by a friend of mine that I was a tattoo artist. We both agreed on a price and I paid up front before we started the piece. After… [ read more ]

  • Soheil jj

  • My Sorrow

    This was to flesh out my deep sorrow when I lost my Father. It was a part of my healing process.

  • Good and Evil

    To me this stands for the fact that everyone has good and evil in them. Basiclly this is a badass Yin and Yang, it came from the Bands Five Finger Death Punch album cover but I changed it so it… [ read more ]

  • Sleeve done by Mikee Herbert @ ink stained tattoo

  • side of my head

    i have two angels one on either side of my neck one good and one bad, we have both good and bad in us and thats what it represents for me. some listen to good some listen to bad i… [ read more ]