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  • Feather angel

    The promise of an angel is not with me now…

  • Angel Of Death

  • mitko

  • my 2nd tattoo (for my mother R.I.P.)

    I got this tattoo in remembrance of my mother. It is of her likeness. Not a portrait, but a belief that she is now watching over me R.I.P. 12/25/1946 – 11/27/2007.

  • Good and evil

    Got it down in North Carolina while i was in the Army after my first deployment.

  • my fisrt Tattoo

    Wings : my parents who taught me the ways to morality, purity, protection, religion and beauty of life. Stars: remembering what i should get , always having a goal and reach my place of origin, way back home, healthy and… [ read more ]

  • Fearfully and wonderfully made

    I love incorporating the meaning of the fearfully and wonderfully made tattoo from the book of psalm into my sleeve art. The Angel symbolizes strength and honor in overcoming obstacles while remembering to always be humble. This is just one… [ read more ]