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  • Octophant

  • Alice Rabbit

    I always wanted a really girly tattoo. This is certainly it.

  • Colorado Trout

  • Baggy

    This was my cat, Baggy, He was with me for over 17 years, he passed away in 2013, sadly lost friend. The Tattoo was by the wonderful, Paul O’Connor @ Tattoo Magic.

  • Lion of Judah

    This signifies the strength and commanding presence of Jesus as the Lion of Judah. Something to be in awe of yet to be feared.

  • simplicity

    It is a design taken from real life, this is my best friend, Jack ass. He was my cat, RIP my friend. He was extremely gorgeously stripped and a fuzzy hairball. This is my memorial to a very missed true… [ read more ]

  • Boar-d

    The boar, in many cultures, signifies fidelity, strength and most importantly, family. Around the time I got this tattoo I was going through many family related and emotional issues. I was welcomed into a new home and ended up gaining… [ read more ]

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