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  • Salvador dali

    It was inked my my late friend. Best wishes and regards

  • Realist Rotty

    This tattoo is significant to me because rottweilers have been in my family for a long time. My grandfather bred and raised multiple on his farm. I had always wanted a Rot tattoo because I don’t see myself ever owning… [ read more ]

  • ass gerbil

    This is a tribute to Richard Gere… actually to his gerbil. Done by Adam Rose of Fallen Owl Tattoo

  • Kung Fu Panda

    This tattoo is for her daughter who loves the movie Kung Fu Panda. Her daughter insisted on the noodles being colored and spelling our her name.

  • Cheetah spots

    I have always been a wild child or black sheep in my family. My cheetah represents my wild child side I also wanted to give my tattoo artist a challenge using no lines…and he nailed it! I’m in love with… [ read more ]

  • Macaw

  • Hand drawn Horse

    I train and ride horses, I love the power and carefree attitude they posess. We are a free spirit together.

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