• Snake

    My mother kept snakes when I was growing up, she was an exotic dancer and I fell in love with them at an early age! This Tattoo is part of an ongoing project, from my forearm up, over my shoulder… [ read more ]

  • Whale vortex

    I am a marine biologist and the three whale species in my tattoo are the three species I have worked with so far in my career.

  • Octopus engulfing shark

    Im obsessed with all things from the sea and nautical so I adore this tattoo. I also like to be different x

  • Octophant

  • Black and grey owl by Raven at InknArt Detroit Michigan

    I think owls are beautiful creatures of the night

  • Love and Respect

    Symbol of my mothers personality as a strong women and the lost of my loved one.

  • Great White Shark

    Miss understood, smart, deadliest predator in the ocean. Alone. Live life only by instinct