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  • Naruto sleeve

    I dedicated half my life following this series so why not give it my whole arm.

  • Porunga Dragon Ball Z

    I absolutely love the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z anime’s. I also happen to love Dragon’s and Porunga is my favorite out of the eternal dragons. I plan to get more added to it in the future.

  • Anime Sisters

    This is a tattoo of my daughters in ANIME style.

  • Japanese Anime

    It represents my strength and growth!

  • Itachi

    This tattoo I got for my sister. We share a unique history and we compare our past to that of itahi and saske’s relationship from the anime series ‘Naruto’. This tattoo is itachi crouching on a light pole with him… [ read more ]

  • IMG_1681

    represents me and a friend who past away

  • IMG_1692-Copy

    each character is a family member doing what ever reminds me of them

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