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  • Blue ring octopus

    I love how beautiful and intelligent Cephalopods are. I grew up on the water, studied marine biology in college, and am now serving in the navy, so I’m definitely a water bug! This is one of my favorite wedding photos… [ read more ]

  • Bacon & Eggs

    owner: Tyler Osler, instagram @tosler artist: Anthony Mascolino, instagram @onthattwopiece

  • Scout Trooper

    Just a fun tattoo I did on a good friend.

  • rose

  • Lock ‘n Key Anklet

    Love jewelry and anklets. This realistic anklet comes with a heart-shaped lock (currently in the closed/locked position) and key. I AM the holder of the key to my own heart — nobody else. The bit of Emerald Green is my… [ read more ]

  • Ankles

    Breast Cancer Bra – All the money for the breast cancer tattoos went to help breast cancer victims. I knew someone who had breast cancer. Pentagram – I’m Wiccan. The pentagram is a symbol for protection. Zero Skull – Zero… [ read more ]

  • A Rose of Life

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