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  • Seratonin

    I’m a scientist and this is one of my nerdier tattoos, i have this on the inside of my right ankle, and the Darwin tree of life drawing on the inside of my left ankle, it reminds me to be… [ read more ]

  • Sparrows (First Session)

    Tattoo Artist – Ryan Ashley Malarkey

  • My motto in life

    This is my second of three tattoos I have it is inspired by two Skillet songs that are my motto in life Never Surrender and Salvation cause Jesus has always been number one in my life he saved me and… [ read more ]

  • jizelle & Alize (daughters name)

    It’s my kids names, everyone who has their kids names has then all small on a study or maybe an arm, I wanted mine to tske up the wjole left side of my body!!!

  • American Freedoms

    It resembles the struggles and battles soldiers and firefighters as well as any armed service and police that have fought for our country’s freedom. Eventually will be a entire collage on my leg.

  • The sign of my son….

    It is my sons zodiac sign I had it done when he was 6 and he chose all the colors that are in it and the type of flowers he wanted

  • Camera tattoo by Andrew Patterson at Avenue tattoo studio. Wichita Falls, Tx.

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