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  • Nightmare Before Christmas

    This the Disney movie, Jack leaves his own life to go find another one and looks for something that is missing from is life now. He eventually finds out nothing is missing from his life and remembers why he loves… [ read more ]

  • finding nemo full sleeve

    i got my girlfriend to get a decent tattoo rather than a shitty little one

  • Redemption

    This tattoo is a replica of an owl pin I found in my grandmas belongings after she passed away. The quote if from Bob Marley’s song and reminds me to let go of the past and look towards the future.

  • Gypsy Queen & Love Birds Sleeve

    The top of my arm is a coverup of a Picasso sketch, and I was an art history major in college. She is beautiful, and that is the sole purpose of her significance to me – as a gorgeous image… [ read more ]

  • Sleeve

  • nat

    In memory of my grandfather.

  • solarsystemmaster

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