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  • Pocahontas inspiration

    This tattoo placement covers scares that made me feel uncomfortable. Now i have more confidence and when people look at my arm now they see a beautiful intricate piece and not something that I used to be ashamed of. It… [ read more ]

  • Night mare before Christmas

    I have and idea of a dark cartoonish sleeve on left arm and right arm heavenly things

  • Classic

    Husband and wife

  • Dwyane Wade

    Dwyane Wade is my favourite basketball player. Here is to a man who gave his city everything, but didn’t always get everything in return. From the city of Miami and your most loyal fan

  • Ray Allen Game 6

    It is the best shot in NBA history. Lebron’s legacy depended on this shot, and who could predict if the team would have went separate ways if Ray Allen did not make this shot. Spurs were only 20 seconds away… [ read more ]

  • Carpe Diem

    Life is short, make every day count!

  • Never Fold

    A wise man once told me “In the game of life it’s not the hand you’re dealt that really matters, it’s how you play your cards”. That stuck with me so I decided to make that apart of my life… [ read more ]

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