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  • I sense there’s something in the wind

    First all color tattoo, symbolizes a love of Tim Burton films especially The Nightmare Before Christmas

  • Face of the Devil

  • Tribute to Lilly

    My daughter Lilly passed away a couple days old of a rare condition called Trisomy 18. The Lilly flower is my wifes favorite flower and her grandmothers (r.i.p.) favorite flower also. So it was fitting to name her Lilly and… [ read more ]

  • skull n roses with pentagram

  • Flaming Lightning Bolt

    I play GTA5 all the time and my character in the game has a bold lightning bolt tattoo on his left forearm. Every time I play the game I love how badass it is. So, I called my artist to… [ read more ]

  • Blur

    The skull represents mentality as beautiful. The skull signifying a known symbol of death (fear) and having the roses sprout from the skull to show it has life, it’s beautiful, it’s not fearful, it’s hope.

  • Realistic Eagle Tattoo

    One of the best realistic tattoos that I have done.

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