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  • Freshest

    this tattoo means to me that i have been good at staying fresh in who i am.

  • Prince crown

    This represents my son as my prince with his eye in the middle

  • Bentley

    Bentley is my sons name

  • Top Colorado Portrait

    Mr. Ace once again impress us with his amazing skills , this realism portrait is rated 10/10. One of the best portraits in the state of Colorado, Mr. Ace a Cali tattoo artist humble moves his way up, as one… [ read more ]

  • Crocus Flowers

    A vivid showcase of my work with color and cover ups.

  • White rabbit

    My favorite childhood story has been Alice in Wonderland. I fell in love with this drawing done by artist and had to get it. It is the beginning of an Alice themed sleeve.

  • Tyrael – Diablo

    Tyrael is a fictional character from the Diablo series. Archangel of Justice, he tore his own wings off to become mortal, unable to continue amongst his brothers who refused to get involved with mortal affairs.

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