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  • Geomectric Watercolor

  • skull of inspiration

    I wanted something that represents me and my emotions, through hard times, feeling drained but always having the right positivity in mind. The skull for me represents tiredness, drained close to death and the butterflies represent a positive mind flowing… [ read more ]

  • Hulk

    First color realism tattoo!

  • Cover up

    Life changing cover up.

  • Sleeve so far

  • tahitian bracelet tatoo

    this tatoo combines saveral significance, each symbols represents a special significance, first top left is cherish the extend family (friends, family…). at top second from left is dedicate for traveller and backpackers. at top the third from left is: the… [ read more ]

  • Fuck It Just Smile

    The poisonous Rhododendrons on either side of the roses are to represent the beauty I create in the world and in myself, but the fatal dangers it can cause if dealt with the wrong way. The smokey roses are also… [ read more ]