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  • Japanese Peony

    This tattoo is beautifully done by the highly skilled artist, Jason Medina, and all I wish it to share it with other people. I feel extremely lucky to be able to have gotten such amazing work.

  • Captain Spaulding

    I put this tattoo on my nephew, Eduardo Carrillo. He overcame adversity in the streets of South Central Los Angeles, and is currently in the Navy. He is one of my biggest canvases and an even bigger horror movie fan…. [ read more ]

  • I sense there’s something in the wind

    First all color tattoo, symbolizes a love of Tim Burton films especially The Nightmare Before Christmas

  • Face of the Devil

  • Tribute to Lilly

    My daughter Lilly passed away a couple days old of a rare condition called Trisomy 18. The Lilly flower is my wifes favorite flower and her grandmothers (r.i.p.) favorite flower also. So it was fitting to name her Lilly and… [ read more ]

  • skull n roses with pentagram

  • Flaming Lightning Bolt

    I play GTA5 all the time and my character in the game has a bold lightning bolt tattoo on his left forearm. Every time I play the game I love how badass it is. So, I called my artist to… [ read more ]

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