• Gangsta chick

    Powerful women

  • Day of the dead portrait

    My third attempt at a color portrait.

  • Whimsical

    The girl represents me and how I view life

  • Athena

    Athena is the Goddess of War, Poetry and Wisdom. My son name is nathenael, that means “protected by Athena”, and “Gift from Heaven”. It’s like having my son under my skin.

  • Follow the Leader

    The picture was taken from an album cover from the band Korn. They are one of my favorite bands and I think the art work is amazing and original.

  • Lighthouse tattoo

    I did this tattoo by looking at a picture. Took 3 sessions. I am on Instagram @markfreitasart or mark freitas in Vacaville,ca

  • sparrow lighthouse valentines day

    I’ve gotten three tattoos to represent the relationship between my best friend/wife. It all started when she got the word “Love” tattooed on the back of her neck, and the “o” as a heart. I wanted something to represent love… [ read more ]