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  • Dad

    my dad sent me his favorite guitar and signed a special note to me, I took his final line and had it put on my forearm after he passed away. Means the world to me.

  • Jesus Tattoo

    It’s a reminder

  • Globemallow Flower

    The flower is special to me because I found it hiking through the Grand Canyon asked the name as it was my grandma’s favorite wildflower. The rest of the design was created by Daniel Meyer and I loved what he… [ read more ]

  • breath of fire

    fire in arms

  • Arm’s butterfly tattoo

    This butterfly tattoo is my favorite, i have also shared it on

  • Dagger & Roses by Asa Castle

    When a favorite client trusts me enough to let me draw his tattoo in the end result is always more rewarding for us both.

  • Chief

    I have always had a lot of interest in Native American culture and the history. It’s always exciting to get to be apart of any piece that represents them and get to be able to learn something new each time…. [ read more ]

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