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  • Relgious/Sentimental

    My mother and I/ Religious.

  • Half sleeve add on/fixup

  • Pocahontas

    Sort of represents my favourite disney film pocahontas. With the chief & daughter, hummingbird, raccoon, dream catcher.

  • My sleeve

    This tattoo has great significance to me as it represents so many different parts of my life . However my favorite part of the tattoo is a drawing that my daughter made that I had tattooed on me. It’s something… [ read more ]

  • The Eye

  • “For the ones I love I will Sacrifice”

    My little sister and I both got this tattoo together. We are very close. Our family may have some bad arguments at times and not speak to one another for a while but at the end of the day its… [ read more ]

  • my son’s portrait

    This tattoo is a portrait of my first born son Dalton

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