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  • a life story

    They all tell a different story about events that had happened in my life

  • Buddha

    It gives me positive vibes..

  • Buddha

    It has brought a great impact in my life. Lot of things have changed,coming gud in my way.

  • Just had this work done!

    Has really started my love for ink and the whole culture behind it. Now that i’ve started I don’t think i’ll be able to stop, there’s something beautiful about being able to transfer pain you feel on the inside and… [ read more ]

  • The Undead Headdress

  • my demise

    it is the start of my whole body piece. starting on my leg and up my butt, my whole back and then onto and over each shoulder. it is the story of my life

  • Wake up!

    My husband’s nickname is Rooster. I didn’t want his name, as those tend to lead to doomed relationships, so I got this instead.

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