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  • Henna style sleeve

    Inspired by a trip to South Korea

  • whole life collecting memories

    I did the design, which says, “the whole life collecting memories”, a clock with the time of birth of my son, and the date of the release of my first album material and for me the phrase is what we… [ read more ]

  • girl with the indian headdress

  • Music Life

    Music is life to me. Without it i don’t know where i would be

  • don’t panic

    I have found myself in several life threatening situations in my life and I am alive because I stayed calm. This tattoo reminds me of that.

  • Painted Feather

    It’s one of my favorite tattoos. It’s so vibrant with color & shows the growth I’ve had in my life the past few years. I love this piece.

  • Flowers with some stars

    I wanted something to cover a scar from my childhood. Something that I know I could be proud of and not see the scare anymore.