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  • Nothing to prove

    Addition to my skull sleeve

  • Endless

    This tattoo is the start of my skull sleeve. I have a deep passion for skulls.

  • Peony

    This tattoo made me for more like myself in a sense that I feel it suits me and expresses the type of styles i’m into.

  • Tribute to my kids

    I have 5 living children, I wanted something to remind me of their birth, I spoke to Tattoo artist about my idea, and the Master drew up exactly what I was looking for, old clocks and pocket watches, to finish… [ read more ]

  • Literature from the deep to the Space

    This tattoo is a representation of my love for the Fictional Literature in they most different types and styles. In this picture you can’t see the Lord of the Rings Tribute, but is there, in the inside arm part.

  • Skull and Roses

    I was very proud of myself, for only tattooing 3 years, I have come a long way. This is one of my favorite pieces.

  • Tattooo

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