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  • Lightning storm

    Lightning storms are one of the most interesting natural phenomenon that can be watched by everyone with no special tools on a regular basis. One of my favorite things to do growing up.

  • Absolem

    This tattoo goes along with my March Hare on my bicep from Alice in Wonderland. This is Absolem, a wise caterpillar from the movie. I wanted a caterpillar to show i haven’t gone into my life transformation just yet.

  • Soundwave

    This was the first Soundwave transformer I’ve ever done.

  • Rip Scott Kuehne

    This tattoo is for my best friend who got me into Archery and changed my life. Gonna be one of the most important tattoos I get.

  • Nightmare Before Christmas

    This the Disney movie, Jack leaves his own life to go find another one and looks for something that is missing from is life now. He eventually finds out nothing is missing from his life and remembers why he loves… [ read more ]

  • Nothing to prove

    Addition to my skull sleeve

  • Endless

    This tattoo is the start of my skull sleeve. I have a deep passion for skulls.

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