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  • wendy mecha-butterfly

  • Psychedelic Buddha

    This tattoo represents the way in which I see spirituality intertwined with psychedelic experience. It also represents trust. Trust in my friend and tattoo artist Eli who I gave almost complete freedom.

  • Dad

    my dad sent me his favorite guitar and signed a special note to me, I took his final line and had it put on my forearm after he passed away. Means the world to me.

  • Jesus Tattoo

    It’s a reminder

  • Globemallow Flower

    The flower is special to me because I found it hiking through the Grand Canyon asked the name as it was my grandma’s favorite wildflower. The rest of the design was created by Daniel Meyer and I loved what he… [ read more ]

  • breath of fire

    fire in arms

  • Arm’s butterfly tattoo

    This butterfly tattoo is my favorite, i have also shared it on

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