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  • Hulk

    First color realism tattoo!

  • Cover up

    Life changing cover up.

  • Sleeve so far

  • tahitian bracelet tatoo

    this tatoo combines saveral significance, each symbols represents a special significance, first top left is cherish the extend family (friends, family…). at top second from left is dedicate for traveller and backpackers. at top the third from left is: the… [ read more ]

  • Fuck It Just Smile

    The poisonous Rhododendrons on either side of the roses are to represent the beauty I create in the world and in myself, but the fatal dangers it can cause if dealt with the wrong way. The smokey roses are also… [ read more ]

  • Newest unfinished

    i am a huge fan of the solar system and what is out there, so i can having the whole solar system sleeved down my arm, and then continue to fill up the rest of my skin

  • arm piece

    Express me