• My past

    This piece is a representation of my past. All of the bad relationships that I’ve had, all of the anger, the hatred, negativity, and damnation. It’s not done yet either

  • Sacrificed Demon

    Its a fallen from grace type concept to denote the fact i used to be very religious and now i dont agree with it whatsoever.

  • Angels and Demons

    When I was 19 in 1993 I had a minotaur tattoo started by a friend of mine that I was a tattoo artist. We both agreed on a price and I paid up front before we started the piece. After… [ read more ]

  • Dragon

    Fierce dragon on my right arm – right handed – symbolic for many of the characteristics of R.A. Salvatore’s dragons – Vain, protective of self and loved ones/items, symbolically setting people on fire who try to harm. Clearly visible to… [ read more ]

  • Buck

    I passed my basic military training and trade training. This tattoo signifies the transformation of myself to becoming a uniformed member of the armed forces. The buck is holding his head high as a sign of pride, its a strong… [ read more ]

  • Air Symbol

    It is the symbol of the air, which means for me the travel, the freedom

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