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  • “Every saint has a past… Every sinner has a future”

    My past makes me who I am. Live without judging others.

  • Dragon

    It’s located on my right arm, and super sexy. It’s colorful dragon that’s super hot on my skin !

  • Inspired by the art of Conrad Roset

    Tattoo is inspired by the art of Conrad Roset and designed and tattooed by Matthew inked out of Art in Soul Tattoo Studio in New York.

  • Afrika Bambaataa

    The image is taken from the Ed Piskor‘s comic, History of hip-hop – Hip hop family tree. Representation of Afrika Bambaataa. My son gave me tas gift the Hip Hop Family Tree Two-In-One free comic that came out a few… [ read more ]

  • Davey johns locker

    Love the culture and value behind the story of Davey Jones.

  • DNA by : Matthew inked

    Dna strand tattoo tattoo done by Matthew inked at Art in Soul Tattoo & Piercing Studio in New York. www.matthewinked.wix,com/matthewinked

  • First Tattoo

    ı was born to show time