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  • Sleeve (medic themed)

    Represents my first few weeks of life, sitting in intensive care and how the medical field kept me alive to this day, where I am now studying to be a paramedic to give back.

  • wild music

    Its a tattoo for my daughter

  • Time Heals All Wounds

    No matter what happens in life, you will always move forward. The pain you feel at any given moment will always lessen over time. Time will heal all wounds. Maybe not completely, but enough for you to make it by… [ read more ]

  • Sunflower & Owls

    My owls represent my three beautiful children, Owls are wise and learn as they grow. My sunflower means a lot to me, sunflowers evoke feelings of warmth and happiness. In addition, the sunflower is often associated with adoration,longevity, healing and… [ read more ]

  • Steeler Reaper

    I am a die hard Pittsburgh Steeler fan and the moment I saw this image I knew I had to have it

  • Bright floral

    i wanted to get something to represent my son so the flowers (not the roses) are the September flower which is the month in which my son was born

  • Snow White

    Snow White has always been my favorite princess. Disney was a huge part of my childhood and I love it. Cannot wait to get it finished. So many ideas.

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