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  • don’t panic

    I have found myself in several life threatening situations in my life and I am alive because I stayed calm. This tattoo reminds me of that.

  • Painted Feather

    It’s one of my favorite tattoos. It’s so vibrant with color & shows the growth I’ve had in my life the past few years. I love this piece.

  • Flowers with some stars

    I wanted something to cover a scar from my childhood. Something that I know I could be proud of and not see the scare anymore.

  • deer skull

    Nostalgia. The deer skull shows my interest in the macabre, while also showing my favorite animal. The two flowers are the bitterroot and the prairie rose, the state flowers of montana and north dakota. Shoutout to Monster Ink Tattoo in… [ read more ]

  • Taino/Puerto Rican flag

    It is part of my history

  • Infidel Tattoo

    In remembrance of my time in the Army while deployed to Iraq.

  • Sea Turtles

    The scene represents my family. The Purple turtle represents my wife, the two blue turtles represent my son and daughter. The baby turtle with angel wings is for my granddaughter who died during childbirth.