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  • Inked Ambition

    Everyday before a professional football game because I am a pro athlete or before a acting/modeling gig I read my tattoo on my side for motivation to do the best and be the best! Bio Chris Wilson Age 20-27 Height… [ read more ]

  • arms

    All tattoos have a story to tell if you only listen to what they are saying…. They tell the story of who we are what we like where we’ve been who we’ve loved and lost they are the lines in… [ read more ]

  • culture

    Meh tattoo s meh journal abt me…

  • Computer Arms

    I’ve been totally into computers for more than 20 years now. People usually tell me that I’m more machine than man, these tattoos show that. They are covered with hidden logos of the various technologies that I have used over… [ read more ]

  • unique

  • Bed of Roses

    The are a rememberance of my kids (chest), the half arms sleeve both mean a new stepping stone to my life.

  • My Tree

    My best friend drew the original picture for our passed on loved ones.