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  • Floating

    I am a Reiki Master and I have empowered my tattoos to enhance my healing practice and my overall ongoing life force. Each limb is ascribed to an element. Here you see part of my Water Limb (left leg), aptly,… [ read more ]

  • Boho

  • Boho

    A reminder of my 2 heritages; Indonesian and NZ and what colors can do to make your body more beautiful

  • Henna sleeve

  • Asian Style Shark

    Always went to the cabin as a kid and never once did we not watch jaws. Love the Asian style tattoos. Got this bad ass piece done.

  • Korean Proverb

    This is the flip side to my white tiger, the proverb reading that “even if you enter the tiger’s den, you will survive if you keep a cool head,” which inspires me to keep pushing and encourages me to remain… [ read more ]

  • The Four Gentlemen

    This is my favorite tattoo I have. It’s a piece depicting The Four Gentlemen, or the four plants believed to exhibit the ideal traits of a gentlemen in Chinese and Confucian thought. Each plant symbolizes a different trait and also… [ read more ]

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