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  • Over the years

    Dragon tattoo and calligraphy as a symbol of friendship and growing up in Asia, Shakespearean quote and yin yang symbol to represent love to brother, the Buddha in honor and memory of mother.

  • Geisha tattoo by Alicia

    a beginning in my life

  • Nice

  • Koi by Shahn Anderson

    This tattoo signifies my Father, he loves to fish and I didn’t really want a walleye on my arm. So I went for a Koi. I like Japanese style tattoos alot!

  • koi fish

  • Honor Bound Inc

    First sleeve by Andrew Graham, close up of dragons face. First real custom work where artist had full control

  • Honor Bound Ink Sleeve

    Overcoming addictions and losing 60lbs. Striving to achieve. Anniversary present from wife after holding out to get to raise kids, grandfather now. Visual appeal