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  • Boho

    A reminder of my 2 heritages; Indonesian and NZ and what colors can do to make your body more beautiful

  • Henna sleeve

  • Asian Style Shark

    Always went to the cabin as a kid and never once did we not watch jaws. Love the Asian style tattoos. Got this bad ass piece done.

  • Korean Proverb

    This is the flip side to my white tiger, the proverb reading that “even if you enter the tiger’s den, you will survive if you keep a cool head,” which inspires me to keep pushing and encourages me to remain… [ read more ]

  • The Four Gentlemen

    This is my favorite tattoo I have. It’s a piece depicting The Four Gentlemen, or the four plants believed to exhibit the ideal traits of a gentlemen in Chinese and Confucian thought. Each plant symbolizes a different trait and also… [ read more ]

  • Baekho – White Tiger

    This tattoo is the pictorial representation of another tattoo I have on my other side (a Korean proverb), representing the auspicious white tiger (or Baekho in Korean) and how it is in all of us and can be channeled for… [ read more ]

  • skull rose

    Im the artist who did it

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