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  • Charley Harper Asian Tiger in the works..

    This is a reproduction of my favorite painting by my favorite artist, Charley Harper. I love that it’s a tiger which represents strength and power but has those sad eyes like it has a story to tell, which as a… [ read more ]

  • Matching chest/sleeve

  • Family Ties

    This was my first tattoo and my brother designed it for me. The Chinese characters means Chang, my last name. My father is 100% Chinese and I thought it was important to keep my heritage alive!

  • Feminine Flower

    Done by artist: Tommy Keaton

  • Polynesian

  • asian

    Asian beliefs

  • Over the years

    Dragon tattoo and calligraphy as a symbol of friendship and growing up in Asia, Shakespearean quote and yin yang symbol to represent love to brother, the Buddha in honor and memory of mother.

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