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  • Dead Geisha

    My dad is Japanese and was adopted. He just recently found his biological brother, but discovered that his mother and father have passed away. This is a tribute to the family I will never have a chance to meet.

  • Rising when i fall by Corry Norris

    This tattoo is something I have always wanted, having a rough childhood, to my parents spilting up, to losing my grandma and my best friend really brought my world to a all time low for a long time. Getting this… [ read more ]

  • Battle and Protection between Father and Son

    My father and I have an amazing relationship. However we both struggle to be the dominant one in the family which leads us to battles at times. I had done a tattoo for my mom and my father was upset… [ read more ]

  • Black and Grey Phoenix

    This Phoenix tatto represents my rise from the ashes. I had a near death experience and this commemorates it as my rebirth. I had this tattooed on my 17th anniversary.

  • koi

    It symbolizes the struggles in my life and like the koi I swam forward and made more of myself.

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  • Maiprojekt