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  • Back Piece

    An amazing art piece done by an amazing artist.

  • Pisces

    I am a Pisces to the letter. I’ve been designing this piece since I was about 16..Ten years later I was finally able to find an amazing artist and get the tattoos of my dreams. I could stare at my… [ read more ]

  • The Phoenix

    To me this tattoo signifies a few different things in different ways.. The tree itself represents strength, life, remembering always to stay grounded.. It represents a structured chaos. Trees grow based on a basic law of nature but yet the… [ read more ]

  • Heaven and hell

    Done by Arlo DiCristina, Arlo Tattoos

  • Heaven and hell

  • grieving angel 2nd sitting

    2nd sitting of my grieving angel done by darren perry @ rubix inks in st.helens.

  • Religious piece

    I come from a religious back ground. It’s different. No stencil, majority of it was free handed.

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