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  • Completed black work

  • back butterfly wings

    Memorial of my daughter

  • Beaches and tattoos

    This piece is of temple mount in Jerusalem. Star of David at top. The thigh piece is a running horse. As a Jewish woman I found many people in my religious community were against myself being tattooed, including my parents… [ read more ]

  • Back piece

    I got this back piece cos I’m a tiger on the Chinese zodiac

  • Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    I got the Dragon to compliment the phoenix over my shoulder, each has a king & queen symbolical view to me and in my life Ive had a lot of obstacles to overcome and it represents the strength I had… [ read more ]

  • Mockbird and Birdcage Back piece

    It’s a tattoo that I wanted to get for a long time. The three birds are for my two daughters and I and I chose mockingbirds because they will defend their own nest without any regard for their own life… [ read more ]

  • Traditional Patchwork Back

    It doesn’t have any significant meaning, it’s just very beautiful!

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