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  • Dead Space Armor

    Its refering to the game Dead Space, from 2008 by EA. It contains lots of thaughts that marked the past few years but also stands for my passion of gaming an unique arts. think outside the box!

  • Back piece

    Reminds me how lucky I am

  • Back piece

    Reminds me how lucky I am

  • Cover-Up by Jeysen Boon

  • Peace of mind

    Gives me peace of mind

  • Beauty of Change

    The good and the bad times of life that creates who you are. Beauty of change as a butterfly changes. Just because something’s bad doesn’t mean it’s not good for you.

  • Flowers and Bees back piece

    This is my fourth tattoo and I designed it with the artist, Adam, at studio 38 in Bradford, UK. The bees have a lot of significance for me and I am really happy with this so far! Hopefully will add… [ read more ]