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  • Hamsa

    This is my very first tattoo, I got it so im always protected and so it can worn off bad vibes and bad people away from me. The eye here isn’t colored in, but i have gotten my mothers eye… [ read more ]

  • Queen of Saturn

  • Rose

    The biggest piece done so far by Egyptian tattoo artist Mohamed from Star Ink.

  • Queen of Hearts

    I had a dream that I was the queen of hearts and I was in love with the boy of spades and our Kingdoms were in war againt each others, so it was love vs death.. The dream was so… [ read more ]

  • White Tiger

    It was my very first tattoo, one I had wanted for years! “Tattoos by Cuzin Mick” made that dream a reality.

  • Back art by black line studio Surrey bc

  • Native art

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