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  • Ganesha Back Piece

    Just finished this back piece. My artist, Gina Marie from Star Tattoo in Albuquerque, NM, is amazing and deserves major credit for coming up with this design and executing it so well.

  • Dragon

    This tattoo represent the strength and courage from my past. The unconditional love and power I have for myself. The connection of two souls in one.

  • Biomechanical wings

  • Sharpie Dragin

    This is my 10 year old son. He loves all my tattoos and wanted one of his own… so I drew this on his back for him.

  • Krivnkos

    My husband did this tattoo as a marriage present. Enough said.

  • A free soul

    This tattoo is what I call “a free soul” which shows a butterfly with wings out preparing to fly. This describes who I am. Ready to express myself freely.

  • My First

    The flower itself has many meanings, for me the strength and beauty of the flower represent me as a person

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