• da vinchi custome

    This tattoo means alot to me because ,one it was my very first and it took a lonng time the meaning i get from it is that Leonardo davinchi tried so hard to build a heart that would never stop… [ read more ]

  • flowers

  • flowers

  • brian clough portrait

    The first colour portrait i attempted

  • Peacock Back Piece

    I love peacocks and how beautiful they are. I wanted to turn my body into a walking of piece of art. Thanks to Dave Kruseman he made that happen for me. He’s located in Hagerstown, Md. Check out his IG… [ read more ]

  • medusa

    It represents the beauty in woman, the fighter in woman, ans the evil/bitch in woman

  • Ganesha

    Ganesha has a deep meaning for me because he stands for overcoming obstacles and good luck. I was going through a hard time and still do occasionally. When i look in the mirror and see him it helps focus my… [ read more ]


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