• Rather Live 0ne Year as a Tiger than 100 as a Sheep

    I value the characteristics & traits of one of the most beautiful creatures in the Animal Kingdom…the Tiger

  • Goddess

  • Global Roses

    I have always wanted to travel the world. So for me, having a globe states my passion for travel.

  • Not Of This World Girl

    NOTW= Not Of This World which means: as a Christian I may be in this world but I am not OF this world. My home is Heaven not earth.

  • Trusting The Fall

    For me, a tattoo is a small reflection of your soul. This piece reminds me everyday that life isn’t about fighting the falls in life, it’s about learning to trust it because every negative occurrence in your life will always… [ read more ]

  • life and time go to fast

    have fun because one day you get born and one day you will die. between that it’s your choice…. in the sandtime you have life and death. you got the key of life and the reaper knive.

  • my 10 stars

    1 star for each of my children. 6 girls and 4 boys.