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  • Eagle Freak

    I’m very patriotic and that patriotism dictated my tat, one bird at a time, until finally we ( my tat artist and I ) decided to do an upper back piece. Each eagle signifies something. The one in center front… [ read more ]

  • Phoenix

    I have had many obstacles in my life that I have had to overcome. This tattoo signifies that when these obstacles happened, I could’ve gone down a different path other than overcoming them and I decided to choose what my… [ read more ]

  • Lord Of The Rings

  • Skeleton Tree

    47 hour tattoo 6 sessions total.. the two skeletons intertwine from roots to the heavens…leads to a half sleeve with an owl perch on the banches…

  • Full back Dragon

    Got it while in South Korea. It’s symbolism for a made up dragon off of Dragon Ball z in my own eyes. My dragon can make my wishes come true.

  • back tattoo

  • Religious Piece

    I’m a religious person. Very spiritual. Piece means a lot to me because of the way it was brought about. It was majority free handed by Patrice Pamphile Instagram:@penorsword. It’s a original piece. I love it a lot, you won’t… [ read more ]

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