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  • Deathbat

    Its my favorite band and I got my artist drawing up the rest of my back with one of their quotes, will post it when I get it

  • sunflower

    This tattoo started with just the butterfly on the center of my back and then later on added the sunflower and then leaves. I have always loved sunflowers, they’re my favorite flower. My nickname became flower and I wanted to… [ read more ]

  • UV ink roses

    The 3 roses represent each family member; my dad, sister, and mom. The rose is all 3 of their favorite flower.

  • life

    you represents me I’m a dreamer and the butterflies or for my kids and grandkids

  • Lost in the thought of you

    It reminds me that I can get through anything!

  • Greek mythology

    peacocks represent immortality, Zeus and Hera is the force of love

  • Zombie Love

    My husband and I has a Zombie wedding on Halloween.