• Angel wings

    This was to remember me of all the thing my daughter has went through in her life,the young lady looking in the mirror at what she used to be!! And my eyes on the top of the mirror crying and… [ read more ]

  • rafa


  • Koi with sugar skull

    Koi resembles strength, determination, and courage to fight on even though it’s going against the current. The sugar skull is for my wife and the numbers 4..7..2..3 stand for Gabriel Rochelle Always Forever

  • Kathryn

    I love the skin I’m in

  • Fairy

    This tattoo just feels like a part of me. I have my artist complete freedom for my back tattoo. He has tattooed me for so many years I knew he would do an amazing job and knew my style very… [ read more ]

  • Butterflies in flight

    After discovering my daughter has a rare genetic syndrome I had my wings tattoo, she Is my Angel. as the yrs went by I felt my wings weren’t big enough and went on the hunt for a way of extending… [ read more ]

  • Tree of life

    The sun is my oldest daughter and the moon is my youngest daughter. Both of them have dyslexia and have to fight hard to learn and we are a tight family.