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  • Ganesh

    ganesh is the remover of obstacles in Hindu Mythology. When I discovered belly dance, my teacher had several statues and pictures of Ganesh in her studio. I immediately had a connection to this Hindu God. I have so many obstacles… [ read more ]

  • Thai Elephant

    I love this country and culture

  • Thai elephant

    I love this country and culture

  • sun N’ full moon

  • MEdusa

    This tattoo found me. I was sitting there getting my a coverup on my arm and I looked up to see this huge air brushed Medusa picture. She was made into stone, I thought that was awesome and it drew… [ read more ]

  • Angel wings

    It represent me of who I am as a person . I save the ones around me weather is for personal edvice . Support anything ..

  • Wings n’ Things

    I’ve been at the bottom, earned my wings, now I’m rising to the top.