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  • Lord Of The Rings

  • Skeleton Tree

    47 hour tattoo 6 sessions total.. the two skeletons intertwine from roots to the heavens…leads to a half sleeve with an owl perch on the banches…

  • Full back Dragon

    Got it while in South Korea. It’s symbolism for a made up dragon off of Dragon Ball z in my own eyes. My dragon can make my wishes come true.

  • back tattoo

  • Religious Piece

    I’m a religious person. Very spiritual. Piece means a lot to me because of the way it was brought about. It was majority free handed by Patrice Pamphile Instagram:@penorsword. It’s a original piece. I love it a lot, you won’t… [ read more ]

  • Floral Back and Ribs

    These pieces are a culmination of years of collaboration between myself and my lifelong friend David Robinowitz of Stroke of Genius Tattoo in Boca Raton Florida. We have been friends since childhood and we had a vision to cover my… [ read more ]

  • Mountain Sunset

    This is the beautiful view I am see each evening after moving from.the midwest to Northern.California

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