• Tree of life

    The sun is my oldest daughter and the moon is my youngest daughter. Both of them have dyslexia and have to fight hard to learn and we are a tight family.

  • Fly

    Makes me fly

  • culture

    Meh tattoo s meh journal abt me…

  • Lucky koi

    Living on Maui, and through all the changes I’ve made in my life, I’m 40 now, so my children wanted me to have good luck. That’s why I did the koi. I also have a huge lotus flower on my… [ read more ]

  • Moving forward

    All good luck advised from children, and a lotus flower to show how beauty can rise from shit.

  • Tree

    My wife passed away in 2012 and I took a picture of the tree she is buried under and gave that picture to a tattoo artist and asked him to put in on my back.

  • Upper Back Piece


Get Inked, Any Way You Want It