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  • Octopus

    I love the animal and what they represent, that being flexibility, intelligence, creativity, complexity and mystery etc. And I love the color.

  • Tribal Dragon Mask

    This dragon mask is a representation of an ancient protector against all evil. Much like a gargoyle. Wards off evil spirits.

  • Chino Moreno and Deftones

    I’ve been a huge fan of Deftones since they started! Chino signed a cd on the release of diamond eyes for my wife to send to me in Afghanistan! They are a huge influence in my life!

  • My strength… peace

    I went through an ugly divorce after being diagnosed with lupus and fibromyalgia my back once had my husbands last name and a couple other BIG MISTAKE TATTOOS so I decided to make them all one big picture of something… [ read more ]

  • Angel wings

    This was to remember me of all the thing my daughter has went through in her life,the young lady looking in the mirror at what she used to be!! And my eyes on the top of the mirror crying and… [ read more ]

  • rafa


  • Koi with sugar skull

    Koi resembles strength, determination, and courage to fight on even though it’s going against the current. The sugar skull is for my wife and the numbers 4..7..2..3 stand for Gabriel Rochelle Always Forever