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  • I walked with you…

    Disney has been my favourite thing since I was a foetus pretty much, and I knew I wanted a gothicy, fancy twist on a tattoo – not just a pink and fluffy princess piece. I saw Antony Flemming’s previous work… [ read more ]

  • My Back piece

    It took a year to compmete, sessions every 6 weeks for 6 hrs a sitting

  • Masquerade

    This tattoo is so beautiful to me on all levels. I’ve been waiting for it for a very long time. Peacock feathers symbolize openmindedness and protection. Where as the mask represents not hiding who you are. I eventually want the… [ read more ]

  • Norse Gods

    It’s our (Norwegians) herritage and it fitted perfectly on my back. Always wanted a solid backpiece.

  • backpiece

  • my back

  • Tree Backpiece

    The woman in the tree is me, my kids surround me, and my past is buried under me (in the roots you see skulls).

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