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  • Michael Keaton Batman

    I’ve been wanting to tattoo this image on someone for years, I grew up loving the movie, so I did the tattoo for free so I can get it out there for people to see my capabilities in tattooing hyper… [ read more ]

  • Batman

    I’m superman of Batman

  • The joker

    I love the dark knight and I’m doing my right arm in movies I love. Tattoo was done by Teddy Mcbee and we are from a small town in southern ohio called lucasville

  • Bane

    It’s an amazing piece by teddy mcbee from lucasville a small town in ohio

  • Batman

    Artist: Emilian Przeracki Diez-Tres 13 ink. Poland – Luxembourg

  • joker

  • tea time

    Batman has always been mine and my dads special thing we both enjoyed together since I was little. The tea party is for my grandma who iv always had tea time with. And Alice has always been my favorite Disney… [ read more ]