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  • batty for you

    This tattoo is the selected image to remind me of the end of my tattooing career. I did a formal apprenticeship in S.C. , then i became a single mom immediately after. My priorities obviously shifted to parenting. Still tattooin… [ read more ]

  • Frankenstein by rigo at zodiac tattoos in moreno valley ca

  • frankenstein

  • My Family Sleeve

    My left arm has 6 individual tattoos that represent my dad, mom and lil’ bro. The skull is because we both love the horror genre, the rose with it was his first tattoo, and he’s a bad ass drummer so… [ read more ]

  • Bats Biomech

    I love the beauty of strange things. Biomechanical has always been interesting to me, I’m working on getting my sleeve completed. I absolutely love bats! I have always been drawn to them and the lore of Vampires.

  • bats

    It doesn’t have much for an actually significance, me and my tattoo artist who is also my husband thought it would look pretty cool

  • Why So Serious

    My love for comics, especially the Dark Knight

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