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  • Tiger

  • Dragon in the Canyon

    Dragons express dominance and power with their size and protective/territorial personalities. And at the same time, they are beautiful creatures with how their wings and tails move them gracefully through the heavens.

  • Nome’s Ink

    My diamond represents how something beautiful is created from being under a lot of stress and pressure. The wings represent the freedom from others and accepting myself.

  • Mammoth clipper

    Things my grandpa thought were rad! Taken in Mammoth Hot Springs by Kris Lillemets

  • Some Owl Chest Work. Almost Done!

    Owl have always represented intelligence. I’m in school to be a teacher, and for me it helps disprove the stigma that people with tattoos and idiotic hoods.

  • soul keeper

    I won’t be alone after i die, it will be my soul keeper. Also this bird safes me all the time from all danger and so on…

  • Big Tribal

    I Tattoed this for remember an exgirlfriend who played with me.. everytime I see it…. I remember and dont let girls play with me.

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