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  • Biomechanical Leg

    I am one with my motorcycle.

  • mech heart

    This one represented a bad break up. After getting a broken heart too many times I wondered how else I could fix it. What better way than a little scrap metal and some ink?

  • I love ink

    I love having art on my skin

  • Biomechanical

    1st tattoo, I like the biomechanical idea and plan on getting a lot more biomech work done.

  • Bats Biomech

    I love the beauty of strange things. Biomechanical has always been interesting to me, I’m working on getting my sleeve completed. I absolutely love bats! I have always been drawn to them and the lore of Vampires.

  • Computer Arms

    I’ve been totally into computers for more than 20 years now. People usually tell me that I’m more machine than man, these tattoos show that. They are covered with hidden logos of the various technologies that I have used over… [ read more ]

  • Biomech

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