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  • Nature Sleeve

    My leg is an underwater garden at the bottom and birds on my thigh, there are also bees on my knees and i plan to add more animals, flowers, nature scenes, and more. I’ve so far spent 2 months tattooing… [ read more ]

  • Freedom

    this bird cage tattoo means to me, about my life. Basically from my childhood, from having my dad died from alcohol, seeing my uncle die from lung cancers from the age of 10, have had for about 3 years of… [ read more ]

  • Bird tattoo

    My own design, art student

  • Peace

  • My Third Hooter

    I got the owl to represent the wisdom that I gain as I go through life.

  • Birdy

    Impulse tattoo… kind of regret it but plenty of girls have given me compliments on it.

  • Inked

    Life story.

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