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  • freebird

    I got this tattoo of a lovebird holding a beating heart in it’s feet to symbolize my new found strength and confidence in love and myself ♡♡

  • flighty

  • Water Color Birds

    I had this piece done for my son

  • Free bird

    Yes this was my first tattoo, I have more now but the meaning behind this one is the greatest! It symbolizes freedom, freedom from foster care and living under control. Now I am my own person and no one can… [ read more ]

  • Have Faith In Me

    Growing up as a teen I struggled with self harm (no this isn’t going to be one of those sappy stories you see all over the web). Along with self harm i struggled to go to school, i wasnt motivated,… [ read more ]

  • soul keeper

    I won’t be alone after i die, it will be my soul keeper. Also this bird safes me all the time from all danger and so on…

  • TradSleeve

    Time is fleeting.

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