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  • Sleeve

    The one on my forearm is the most important to me. It’s a tattoo for my daughter, who is a survivor of shaken baby syndrome. The clock shows the time she was born, the date is in Roman numerals, and… [ read more ]

  • Lady of love

    She is my lady of love. She signifies my love for people and birds. I love birds.

  • Inked

  • The Phoenix

    To me this tattoo signifies a few different things in different ways.. The tree itself represents strength, life, remembering always to stay grounded.. It represents a structured chaos. Trees grow based on a basic law of nature but yet the… [ read more ]

  • Grandmother

  • The Owl

    Another Tattoo done in my own studio that pushes me closer to the success I strive for. And it was another thoroughly satisfied client.

  • Birds

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