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  • Gypsy Queen & Love Birds Sleeve

    The top of my arm is a coverup of a Picasso sketch, and I was an art history major in college. She is beautiful, and that is the sole purpose of her significance to me – as a gorgeous image… [ read more ]

  • Hummingbird and flowers

    The hummingbird and two of the flowers are for my grandma Bonnie and the other two flowers are for my great grandma Jean who passed away.

  • Chest cover-up by Jeremy Temple of Electric Zombie Tattoo in Athens, PA

  • birds

    most inportant people in my life.

  • Kingfisher sleave

    IT represants how Proud i am with my three girls

  • 3 lil birds

  • Birds

    Some would say birds represent freedom or something but for me they represent my family. Birds are close to me, and so are people that somehow changed my life. So for me they represent all that people that are or… [ read more ]