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  • Kingfisher sleave

    IT represants how Proud i am with my three girls

  • 3 lil birds

  • Birds

    Some would say birds represent freedom or something but for me they represent my family. Birds are close to me, and so are people that somehow changed my life. So for me they represent all that people that are or… [ read more ]

  • Work in progress

    I love fantasy and nature and this is the story of my party life…. 6 different guys have worked on it during the past 4 years while partying a lot. I would like to add fairies, mushrooms, flowers, insects, dwarfs… [ read more ]

  • Psyco Eye

  • Leg

  • Painted Feather

    It’s one of my favorite tattoos. It’s so vibrant with color & shows the growth I’ve had in my life the past few years. I love this piece.

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