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  • Wolf of creation

    for me it means independence, standing alone tall and strong

  • Freddie Kreuger

    This is part of my lower sleeve that is dedicated to my daughter. Freddie Kreuger is both our favourite bad guy. We are both avid horror fans. It is the fourth tattoo I’ve gotten by Ingrid Zschogner of Sound Tattoo… [ read more ]

  • Watch with Eye – Lorenzo Evil Machines – Roma

  • stinkin guts

    I’ve been wanting this since I was a teenager, my best friend in the world put it on me and did an ahmazing job, I love it so much. he usually likes to do more of a tear look (obviously… [ read more ]

  • Heaven and hell

    Done by Arlo DiCristina, Arlo Tattoos

  • Heaven and hell

  • My Family

    My Family, My Strength, My Everything.

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