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  • Bblack and gray

    Hello, my name Jose Vera, I Asked That esta compass tattooed me, are saying about the tattoo, and I can add something more ?, I would like it to expand slightly to the clavicle or something like that. To me… [ read more ]

  • Pirate ship

    Love for the water and not knowing what life has in store for you.

  • Stippled Lotus

    I always loved how lotus flowers looked but I wanted something a bit unique and when my artist suggest a stippled design I was pumped. I am also a Buddhist and enjoy the symbolism a lotus has and I find… [ read more ]

  • Pocket Watch

    Another Amazing Tattoo by Mr. Ace Celebrity Tattoo & Body Piercing , Lakewood, Colorado.

  • Under boob

    I got my tattoo because I love how cool owls look and how there’s so many different kinds of owls. Also, I got it because it symbolizes wisdom and I consider myself very wise

  • don’t panic

    I have found myself in several life threatening situations in my life and I am alive because I stayed calm. This tattoo reminds me of that.

  • Winged Fears

    I only fear two things. 1. heights 2. Death