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  • Tattoo by Noski Limpintakhs

  • Japanese ghost stories

    My favorite tattoo – a japanese parlour game called hyakumonogatari kaidankai shown in pictures. It’s my first colour piece, designed collaboratively by myself and by incredible artist Ash Davies of Stronghold tattoo studio. It shows several of my interests, namely… [ read more ]

  • Chicano Angelina Jolie

  • Sun Buffalo

    This was a breakthrough piece for me. It definitely is my first career defining tattoo and I am very proud of it.

  • Traditional meets watercolor

    My sister and I got matching sibling tattoos the bottle actually says RLP made to look like a rip which is the initials of myself, sister and brother. We put favorite things we each like into it, feather ,old key,… [ read more ]

  • Courage

    One of the few animal tattoos I’ve ever done.

  • Pheonix

    Its a sign of rebirth and the pheonix is rising from the ashes.

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