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  • %100 Healed Day Of The Dead Girl

  • oriental sleeve

    This tattoo represents strength and all the obstacles I faced and overcome, goes along with the outter Side of my sleeve

  • Nome’s Ink

    My diamond represents how something beautiful is created from being under a lot of stress and pressure. The wings represent the freedom from others and accepting myself.

  • Morrissey

    This portrait signifies my love and obsession with Morrissey and how his music resonates with me. I am in love with his words, voice, and charisma. His words captivate my soul.

  • Hand tattoo by Ad burt at 2 guns tattoos, west mids, UK, ANDY MURPHY

    It looks absolutely amazing.

  • Sternum Tattoo

  • Rising

    I am a Reiki Master and I have empowered my tattoos to enhance my healing practice and my overall ongoing life force. Each limb is ascribed to an element. Here you see the thigh portion of my Water Limb (left… [ read more ]

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