black and grey

  • Est. 19XX

    It’s signifies so so much. Est stands for everyone stands together don’t judge people by looks but by what’s on the inside. Est. 19XX IS Machine gun Kelly’s biggest part of his movement it has such a deep meaning to… [ read more ]

  • Black and grey roses sleeve

  • Candy skull w/ diamond eyes + rose


    Everything on my arm is based on faith and family. I wanted something at the highest point of my sleeve to depict god. The numerals stand for Isaiah 31-13 “For i am the lord your god.” I plan on finishing… [ read more ]

  • Cat by Zsolt Sarkozi (Dark Art Tattoo)

    I found my sweet cat in a site for demolition, she had only two weeks and she grabbed my pants… this tattoo is sentimental. Made by M.Zsolt Sarkozi from Dark Art Tatoo based at Budapest, Hungary.

  • Owl

    I Love it. This is my owl after the first session. Its the beginning of en bigger thigs project

  • Snow Leopard

    I wanted a tattoo of my favourite animal which is a snow leopard, i wanted something to stand out with some intensity as well as something different than the usual panther or tiger or lion tattoo. it has great significance… [ read more ]