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  • Badassssss

    This tattoo doesn’t rally have any meaning behind it. This was one of my first tattoos and it was all free drawn on me right then and there. As of right now, it’s done but eventually I do want to… [ read more ]

  • Deer&Roses

    This tattoo means a lot to me I’ve always seen Deer Skulls as tough and bad ass and have always wanted one as a tattoo. Though I also wanted it to be slightly girly to show that I am tough… [ read more ]

  • Live My Life

    These lyrics of the 30 Seconds To Mars song “Closer To The Edge” really capture my look on life perfectly.

  • Tattoo model pic

  • filigree

    The start of my sleeve, signifying my art work. Pencil sketches.

  • Native American with wolf and bear

    Karl Williams is who did this @tattoosbyhotkarl

  • infinity

    Have put my tow boys name with the infinity sign