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  • trees and cats

    tattoo made by Snatch from snatch tattoo ink at pagny-sur-moselle, france.

  • realistic flowers in black and grey

    As the tattoo artist submitting this piece as one of my favorites? I feel that this is a special piece for me because it represents my style and my favorite type of pieces I love to do. Although I am… [ read more ]

  • Tree

    I got in a car accident and a tree saved my life

  • Flowered Colt

    Tough but beautiful

  • Revolver

  • Butterflies in flight

    After discovering my daughter has a rare genetic syndrome I had my wings tattoo, she Is my Angel. as the yrs went by I felt my wings weren’t big enough and went on the hunt for a way of extending… [ read more ]

  • Yoda

    THE BEGINNING OF A BEAUTIFUL STAR WARS INSPIRED half SLEEVE AT THE VERY LEAST. I have looked forward to getting a tattoo by Lucky at Twisted Fate for quite some time. He has the skills and is a fellow star… [ read more ]