black and grey

  • lady and phoenix

    Beautiful piece by Tim Burns at scorpion tattooing

  • The Exorcist

  • Timing is Everything

    I believe that timing is everything. You can’t see the whole tattoo in one pic but I have my daughter’s, mother’s, and grandmother’s birthdays in the times of the clock/alarm clock/pocket watch. I have over 30 hours in this piece…. [ read more ]

  • Nightmare on skin street.

    Watching nightmare on elm street when I was a little kid always scared me. I have had actual nightmares that scarred my childhood. But my father helped me stand up to my fears using Freddy Kruger as an example. And… [ read more ]

  • back tat

    I’ve wanted this since i was 15. Over the years it has grown more signifigance with the loss of more friends and family. My wings will carry me to heaven when im called.

  • Black and grey Octopus

    Part of a complete sleeve done in only three sessions. Total detail. Awesome black and grey work. Formed and worked perfect to area.

  • Good/Evil

    Im confused inside. It’s a costant battle between good and bad thats why its ANGHELLIC. Ang meaning Angel and Hellic meaning demonic or evil.