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  • Right Arm Sleeve

    Tribute to my dog “Murder”, my life’s achievements, my philosophy on life & what I can’t live without.

  • Hip Black & Grey Koi Fish

    I’m a single mom and I like the meaning of strength and good luck behind the Koi Fish tattoo…while my young boys do have their father very active in their lives I work extremely hard to provide for my children… [ read more ]

  • Rather Live 0ne Year as a Tiger than 100 as a Sheep

    I value the characteristics & traits of one of the most beautiful creatures in the Animal Kingdom…the Tiger

  • bud leaf

  • Lion with Crown

    It represents my strength with surviving everything that has happened in my life and I’m ready for what ever life throws at me.

  • Beemer & his son

    I am a wildlife conservationist and an advocate for endangered animals. I adopt & sponsor about 50 big cats around the world and this is Beemer & his son, Shaka. I love to educate people on the importance of saving… [ read more ]

  • Misfits Abe Lincoln

    I did this piece on a buddy of mine that was in Afghanistan with me.

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