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  • Back peice

  • Progress

    Because you can’t tell me I can’t.

  • Hamsa Hand

    Modify Tattoo, Tattoo by Amanda Stiles, Morristown TN 423.438.7333

  • Ankle black viper tattoo

    It’s a reference for Lilith, first wife of Adam who became a demon.

  • Mums Trubute

    It was a verse I composed for my mum who I lost in 2011 .. I am of half Irish descent so I chose this wording and did not want it easily readable.

  • Snobby Gal

    Surviving through the windiest storms that life have to give

  • One Cent Sparrow

    This tattoo is based off of Matthew 10:29-31. As a sinful person it’s hard to remember that God would even notice me but as the verse says, not one sparrow falls apart from God. If God can see a bird… [ read more ]

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