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  • Limoore by Shamrock Lebarbu

    I <3 le barbu

  • Dark Roses

    Roses symbolizing love.

  • A Cross

    It was my 18th birthday present from my parents….And mt foot into the door of the tattoo world 😉

  • Another Day

    It resembles the passing of another day, the looming factor that time is ultimately only counting down. I see the sun bringing opportunity and growth, substance and energy to further gain inspiration and drive for my passion and lust for… [ read more ]

  • Realistic skull tattoo by Justin Jakus

  • Geisha tattoo by Alicia

    a beginning in my life

  • Intricate Lily

    Lillies are my mums favourite. They are always seen as a flower related to death. But every time I smell a lily or see one only two things cross my mind. Firstly how much I am allergic to them and… [ read more ]

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