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  • Michael Jackson.

    He was my favourite singer and dancer. I sing and was heartbroken when he died.he was god!

  • Underboob Tattoo

    Tattoo done by Ryan Ashley Malarkey of the Strange and Unusual Oddities!

  • james dean

    ive always been interested in vintage 50’s and james dean is the ideal best talented, handsome, dreamy, gentleman

  • Pure Michigan, Red Wings, Detroit !

    My name is Elaine Nerowski. I am an 18-year-old female tattoo artist, I work out of Artistic Superstition tattoos in Brownstown, MI. This tattoo was a lot of fun for me. I tattooed this pure Michigan tattoo on a friend… [ read more ]

  • Spider Skull

    This tattoo was a lot of fun for me. I did this tattoo on a client that comes to get tattooed by me every Friday at 6 o’clock. This tattoo’s subject matter is right up my alley!

  • Clown Peeking

    My favorite part of this tattoo was the client giving me the freedom to make the hands like she saying “Sshhhh” and faking she’s covering her left eye but she’s actually peeking, gives this tattoo alot of character, the client… [ read more ]

  • Dali by caio romero