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  • Inked

  • Inked

  • Michael Jackson.

    He was my favourite singer and dancer. I sing and was heartbroken when he died.he was god!

  • Underboob Tattoo

    Tattoo done by Ryan Ashley Malarkey of the Strange and Unusual Oddities!

  • james dean

    ive always been interested in vintage 50’s and james dean is the ideal best talented, handsome, dreamy, gentleman

  • Pure Michigan, Red Wings, Detroit !

    My name is Elaine Nerowski. I am an 18-year-old female tattoo artist, I work out of Artistic Superstition tattoos in Brownstown, MI. This tattoo was a lot of fun for me. I tattooed this pure Michigan tattoo on a friend… [ read more ]

  • Spider Skull

    This tattoo was a lot of fun for me. I did this tattoo on a client that comes to get tattooed by me every Friday at 6 o’clock. This tattoo’s subject matter is right up my alley!

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