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  • Zelda Triforce Hybrid

    The Legend of Zelda has been my favourite game and it will ever be as i grew up with it

  • Globemallow Flower

    The flower is special to me because I found it hiking through the Grand Canyon asked the name as it was my grandma’s favorite wildflower. The rest of the design was created by Daniel Meyer and I loved what he… [ read more ]

  • Archer

  • By Sam Cole @blackcvts on Amy Kate @amykhate

  • Blackwork Palm Tattoo by Sylvain Proulx

    A beautiful design by my friend Sylvain Proulx from Tattoo Lounge in Montreal

  • Dark

    It’s like my second skin. I think it’s more than just tattoo, my personal body art

  • Black

    I am simply a walking canvas. To me. I respect the work that is emerged onto my skin. It’s not just an addition or to look “cool” .its deeper for me,it works on my confidence as well as my social… [ read more ]

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